Son Bou

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Son Bou 39.901600, 4.076340 Son Bou

Son Bou beach is a lovely stretch of sandy beach. This is the longest beach (2500 meters long by 105 meters wide) on the island and for that reason this is one of the most popular areas on the island.
The resort itself has two aspects, there is the flat area along the back of the beach that contains most of the ameneties, the hotels and the apartment complexe’s and then behind that on the hillside there are developments of private villas in amongst the pine trees. Over the years we have supplied scooters and power chairs to most of the areas in this resort and the only one note of caution is with regard to the hill at the back of the resort, that overlooks the beach. There are stretches of road up the hill that are quite steep and really not suitable for scooter or power chair use. If you are booking a villa for your holiday, you might want to check where it is situated in the resort.

Facilities in the area ;
Disabled parking in the main beach car park and the resort centre
Disabled Toilets
Timber boardwalks lead to the beach and to the rear of beach bars with further access onto the beach at the front.