Calan Porter

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Calan Porter 39.868700, 4.135130 Calan Porter

Cala en Porter is a busy and diverse resort area with the centre of the resort at the top of the cliff’s looking over the cove and the beach. Access to the beach is either by steep steps or down a steep inclined road. There is a pavement at the roadside with high kerbs, however there are kerb drops at crossing areas. I have ridden a mid range scooter down to the beach and back again without any difficulty and many of our clients stay in this area in private villas or the hotels in the resort. There is a pedestrian promenade area along the one side of the beach with some beach bars and cafes.
In the centre of the resort there is quite a mixture of high kerbs and kerb drops, but from client experience there seems to little difficulty in getting around this area with scooters or power chairs.

Facilities in the area include;
Disabled parking 30 meters from the beach and in the resort centre
Disabled toilets
Timber boardwalk down to the sea
Amphibious chairs