Cala Galdana

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Cala Galdana 39.940278, 3.959627 Urb. Cala Galdana

Gala Galdan is a very picturesque resort with a lovely horseshoe bay with a concrete boardwalk running right around the back of the beach area.The centre of the resort is focused on the “Serpentona” the sea water inlet that forms a marina and river in the bottom of the valley and there is timber boardwalk that runs most of the length of the river giving good access to most of the central area of the resort. There are some kerb drops in and around the central area but not always on both side of the road. Unfortunately the outlying areas of the  resort are hilly and most of the private villas are located in these areas. Two hotels located in the lower central area, are The Hotel Cala Galdana and the Audax. The Audax Hotel has limited access due to a very tight access ramp with two 180 degree turns.
The Hotel Sol Gavilanes in Cala Galdana is a cliffside hotel located out of the main area and with direct access to the beach boardwalk from it’s lower floor. Unfortunately the access link from the ground floor to the boardwalk is a very steep concrete ramp. Not for the faint hearted we do not recommend the use of scooters and power chairs on this ramp.

Facilities in the area include;
Disabled parking in the central area, this is not close to the beach area.
Timber boardwalks and access ramps
Amphibious chairs
Disabled Toilets